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We are a Specialty Coffee Roaster and Wholesale Coffee Supplier. Our focus is on supplying and supporting restaurants, cafes, hospitality venues, and companies around Australia. We roast our coffee on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, at Dromana. Just five minutes from the beach. Feel free to get in touch and see how we can help. We welcome new enquiries and you can contact us via enquiries(@)mmcroasters.com.au or 1300 869 968. Or use the contact form on this page.

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    Wholesale Coffee Supplier Melbourne

    About Us

    MMC Roasters is a Melbourne based, wholesale coffee supplier. Our focus is on supplying and supporting restaurants, cafes, hospitality venues, and companies around Australia. We roast our coffee on Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, at Dromana. Just five minutes from the beach. You can purchase our coffee online in our shop, or at our Roastery Door in Dromana, which open’s every Sat morning for retail customers to purchase coffee.

    Achievements and Awards

    Capital Blend – Awarded gold medal in the milk based category at the 2013 Australian International Coffee Awards.
    Organic Blend – Awarded gold medal and champion trophy in the milk based category at the 2015 Australian International Coffee Awards
    Featured coffee producer at the 2015 Royal Melbourne Show.
    In total we have won over 19 medals for our single origins and blends since we commenced operations five years ago.
    2016 Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show.
    2018 Roastery Door opened to public.

    Our perspective

    Australia has a vibrant coffee culture and the wholesale coffee supplier competitive landscape is a reflection of that. We imagined our brand from the beginning as niched or boutique. Differentiated on personalised service, and broader, more flexible menu options. We are not pretentious about our coffee or brand. We are however, committed to high quality partnerships and collaborations, with like-minded coffee professionals. We want our customers to be engaged with us in the aim of delivering a high quality coffee experience, and to be just as driven in achieving it.

    Our customers

    We see a great deal of variety in our customer’s coffee programme requirements for their respective businesses. We find some customers are searching for uniqueness or a point of difference, whilst others will gravitate towards a coffee selection that represents the path of least resistance for their clients. We understand selecting a wholesale coffee supplier is an important decision for our customers. We are currently focused on wholesaling our coffee, supplying and supporting businesses that wish to serve the best coffee they can.

    Our approach

    We employ a tailored and flexible approach in helping our customers deliver a high quality coffee experience. We take great care in the selection and preparation of our coffees. Each year we buy in many spectacular coffees that continue to amaze and inspire us. We source our coffees from all around the world. Whether from farmers, local or international brokers, or at auction. As a dedicated wholesale coffee supplier, exploiting “Seasonality” is a key purchase decision driver at MMC Roasters. We move from origin to origin each year as fresh crops arrive. Not wanting to lock our customers into a handful of farms, or limit our offer list to a limited group of origins.

    Our equipment

    We build our own roasters! We import the drums from overseas and build the gas train, airflow, and electronics around them. As an experienced wholesale coffee supplier, we are confident this is a key point of difference for our brand, and has a positive impact on cup quality. We know this because we started out buying very expensive roasters, that despite price, often still involved a fair amount of compromise. Our core competency is our roasting capability and expertise. With the technical knowledge to build our own roasters, we have been able to customise in areas where we want more improvement and control.

    We supply our approved account customers with top notch gear! We partner with reputable and talented equipment manufacturer’s such as La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino, to make sure our customer have the tools they need to hit a high standard.

    Our Support

    We service and support our own equipment, and we offer comprehensive equipment and Barista training. You can purchase barista training in our store. Our wholesale customers have access to written guides, help sheets, info sheets, preventative maintenance guides, and numerous other tools to help shortcut the learning curve. A key training objective for our wholesale partnerships is to raise the quality floor in the business, and develop consistency across the Baristas team.

    Amazing coffees, expertly roasted

    Sourcing fantastic green coffees occupies a great deal of our time. Our ability to then roast-in and optimise origin flavours and nuances has underpinned our growth. Our creativity in constructing superior coffee blends made our business viable very quickly. Our custom roasting equipment, expertise, client focus, dedication, and creativity, will reward your decision to make us your wholesale coffee supplier.

    Partner with us

    Partner with us! So, if your in need of wholesale coffee beans or a wholesale coffee supplier get in touch. We would be glad to talk you thru our collab approach. We will happily help you create a coffee programme that meets your business goals, and exceeds your customer’s expectations. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help you level up your coffee program from the conventional, to the exceptional.

    Visit Us

    Visit Grab a takeaway coffee or purchase retail packaged coffee at the Roastery Door. Open on Saturday mornings from 9am till 12pm.

    Get in touch

    Use the contact form below, or simply call 1300 869 968.

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    Wholesale Coffee Supplier

    MMC Roasters is a Melbourne based wholesale coffee supplier, and member of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association. Our sales office is located at FY 8, 12 Trewhitt Court, Dromana Victoria 3936. You can contact us on 1300 869 968 or via email enquiries(@)mmcroasters.com.au