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Wholesale Coffee Beans Melbourne

About Us

We are an award winning boutique specialty coffee roaster, and a great place to buy wholesale coffee beans. We look to partner with passionate coffee folks who are focused on coffee quality, seasonality, service, and support. We ship our delicious wholesale coffee beans around Australia, and we welcome new enquiries. Our range of specialty coffees includes single origins, stable, seasonal, and bespoke blends.


We are committed to deliciousness and it’s a wonderful objective! All coffees are equal on our cupping table until proven otherwise. We evaluate sample lots based upon blind tasting in accordance with SCAA protocols. Being guided by our senses, rather than any pre-conceived notions about an origin or farm. We offer a wide selection of wholesale coffee beans to meet the needs of our customers. Our stable blend menu is available all year round. Our Seasonal Blends and Single Origins are popular and ever changing.


Freshness plays an important role in coffee quality. At both a sourcing/storage level and in regards to consumption. We aim to deliver our wholesale coffee beans to customers within four days post roast. This then allows our customers to serve our coffee between days 3-14 post roast, which we think represents an ideal freshness window for a wide range of coffees.  For retail customers we ship our 1kg online orders in two 500g resealable zip lock bags, so your coffee stays fresher longer. Your can purchase our coffees in our online store.

We have moved away from grinding coffee for our retail customers. This is due to minimal orders for different grind types, and also due to retail grinders being reduced dramatically in price. For home customers, the best way to obtain the freshest possible brew, is to order coffee wholebean (unground) and grind seconds before brewing.


Choice is a powerful in hospitality. Some wholesale customers will appreciate consistency, others will welcome new flavours and seasonality. We realised very early that only offering one stable wholesale blend didn’t afford our wholesale customers much choice or flexibility, with their own menus and client base.


We are currently focused on wholesaling our coffee, supplying and supporting businesses that wish to serve the best coffee they can. We offer a very personalised service and range of wholesale coffee beans to meet the needs of our clients. Drop us a line, say Hi, and we will talk you thru our partnership and collab approach.


At MMC Roasters we spend a lot of our time helping our customers deliver a high quality coffee experience in their business. We view coffee as something complex and delightful, with many possibilities. For our customers that often translates into help with tailored and flexible menus, alternate coffee brewing techniques, and a greater emphasis on educating and building customer loyalty. Our ability to back up our products with a high standard of after sales service, training, and support, has been a key reason for our growth. MMC Roasters is much more than just a wholesale coffee beans supplier.

Knowledge Sharing and Support

One of the more rewarding aspects of the coffee business is sharing knowledge and exchanging information. Whether it’s machine questions, one on one Barista training, or a curated external cupping session. We aim to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for coffee with our clients. Efficiently and effectively supporting the products we offer is an important part of the way we do business.

Highlights & Our Approach

There are many reasons why choosing MMC Roasters as your wholesale coffee supplier is a great decision for your business. Here are a few highlights of what we offer:

We use custom roasting equipment that differentiates us on flavour.
We are a small batch roaster with a focus our wholesaling our coffee.
We offer a flexible coffee menu that changes routinely.
Our range includes Gold medal winning blends. Stable (all year round) and Seasonal.
Our customers have access to exclusive micro-lot single origin & single estate coffees.
Our sourcing includes direct trade, auction lot, and broker purchasing.
We offer a range of high quality specialty teas and drinking chocolate.
Many deliveries are made by our roaster which creates better engagement with our clients
We offer on-site one on one training.
We provide detailed cupping & tasting notes.
Detailed training guides.
High quality FOL (free on loan) equipment to approved account customers.
Machine installation and servicing.

Partner with us

Partner with us! So, if your in need of wholesale coffee beans or a wholesale coffee supplier get in touch. We would be glad to talk you thru our collab approach. We will happily help you create a coffee programme that meets your business goals, and exceeds your customer’s expectations. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help you level up your coffee program from the conventional to the exceptional.

Visit Us

Grab a takeaway coffee or purchase retail packaged coffee at the Roastery Door. Open on Saturday mornings from 9am till 12pm.

MMC Roasters is a Specialty Coffee Roaster and wholesale coffee supplier. We are the best place to buy wholesale coffee beans! Our address is Fy 8, 12 Trewhitt Court, Dromana Victoria 3936. Ph: 1300 869 968 or email: enquiries(@)mmcroasters.com.au