Dry Fragrance: Dark cherry and and dark chocolate.

Our Organic Blend is a stable coffee in our range, available all year round. It’s features fruit and chocolate flavors. Great as an espresso, even better in Milk. It has medium creamy body, with a long finish.

The Organic Blend is a smooth, rich tasting blend of organic coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia, with a dash of Burundi. The Organic Roast was awarded a Gold Medal and Champion Trophy in the milk based coffee blend category, at the 2015 Australian International Coffee Awards. It’s a deluxe coffee, and we are sure you will really enjoy it.

Processing Method: Washed & Natural
Harvest: 2018
Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia, Burundi
In: 20g
Out: 39g
Time: 26s
Equipment: Linea PB, M-One, 21g VST

Extractions are subject to many variables including equipment type, but also climatic conditions such as humidity. This recipe is intended as a reference guide only. The best way forward is to experiment, and adjust according to your own tastes.

Please note all coffee orders ship wholebean (not ground) in resealable 500g zip lock bag/s. So your coffee stays fresher longer. Buy coffee beans online from MMC Roasters direct and your order is shipped fast and fresh within days of roasting, not weeks, or months! We offer a $5 flat rate shipping fee Australia wide.