Dry Fragrance: Floral, berries, caramel
Tastes like: Caramel

This Colombian single origin is a coop coffee sourced from selected regional producers in Nariño. Located in the South West of Colombia, near the border with Ecuador. It’s a blend of the varietals: Caturra , Castillo & Typica.

The Nariño region is predominantly known for producing a sweeter tasting coffee with very high acidity. The region has quite a unique geography and climate. Warm winds and plenty of sunshine keep the temperatures at moderate levels throughout the year. These conditions allow farmers to grow coffee at a very high altitude without the risk of frost, droughts or flooding. At this dramatic elevation the air is ‘thinner’, having less oxygen which for coffee trees means that it takes more time to develop ripe cherries which results in more sophisticated acid structures which produce the sweeter flavours, characteristic of the region. The high acidity levels in the coffee are produced by the combination of volcanic soil and cold night temperatures.

Origins: Colombia
Varietal: Caturra , Castillo & Typica
Processing Method: Washed
Harvest: 2018
Elevation: >1300m
In: 20g
Out: 38g
Time: 28s
Equipment: Linea PB, M-One, 21g VST

Extractions are subject to many variables including equipment type, but also climatic conditions such as humidity. This recipe is intended as a reference guide only. The best way forward is to experiment, and adjust according to your own tastes.

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